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Official download page for Galacticraft 1.12.2, 1.11.2, 1.10.2, and 1.8.9

By downloading this mod, you accept the terms and conditions, which can be found here.

Latest builds contain the newest features and the latest bug fixes. Promoted builds are milestones. Players with older versions should update Galacticraft, if the promoted build is newer. The last number on the file name shows the build number.

Changelog is automatically generated. Full guide to the mod is at our official wiki.


These instructions work for both server and client.

  1. Choose the Minecraft version you want (1.12.2 is the latest)
  2. Install Forge for that Minecraft version if you don't have it
  3. Download Galacticraft, all three files
  4. Check the download of all three files completed!
  5. Drag the three files you downloaded into the mods folder located in the .minecraft folder
  6. Start Minecraft and play!

If updating, check you have only one set of Galacticraft files in the mods folder! Detailed Installation Configuration and Troubleshooting guide